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- Gentle Yoga, Very Gentle Yoga & Yoga for Pregnancy

BA   PGCE     British Wheel of Yoga Diploma

Professional bodies
British Wheel of Yoga

CPD Courses attended
Yoga for backs; Yoga for pregnant mums, Pranayama, chakras.                                                     Yoga for people with cancer. Mindfulness, Butekyko Breathing.                                                            Yoga for Stress Management                                                                                                           Each year I must attend at least 2 CPDs to maintain my teaching qualification.
I also must have a valid 1st Aid qualification which is renewed as necessary.

Length of time in teaching
7 years

Previous practice
Local village halls - Ash, Norton-sub-Hamdon, Ilchester, Butleigh.

Ursula decided to train as a yoga teacher when she took early retirement from teaching French & Spanish in secondary schools.  She wishes she had done it years ago!  She used to think yoga was a way to maintain physical strength & suppleness but knows that although this is totally correct, there is far more to it.  Learning to use the breath, in particular to relax but also to energise the body, is a very useful skill.  In addition, yoga is about controlling the "chattering monkeys" of the mind, a skill which is increasingly important in our busy world.

Training with Julia Friederberger, (yoga for people with cancer), gave her insight into the power of yoga nidra, a deeply relaxing process for the body which can then use the mind to plant a seed, or sankalpa, so that the body can work towards its own healing.  Her very, very gentle yoga class uses only limited exercise (seated on a chair) and a lot of time using deep relaxation & yoga nidra.

Ursula feels that teaching yoga to pregnant mums is particularly valuable as it uses the three strands of yoga - body, breath & mind - to maximum effect.  The body work is gentle and is an aid to improving posture in pregancy and easing minor discomforts, but also prepares the body for birth.  The breathing techniques are very valuable & always help through labour.  The training and focus of the mind on one thing alone - be it the breath, body or a word - is a real aid through labour.  Finally, the "time out" for mums doing a yoga class, is time for them to focus completely on themselves and their baby, to really relax, and to relate to other pregnant mums. Many find that after the birth they wish to continue their yoga, either joining a mother & baby class or, when the time is right, coming to an adult only class.


Beatrice Brooke, BA(Hons), PGCE, PG Dip(Voice), Mindfulness Practitioner

In the mid-nineties, Beatrice trained as a secondary school drama teacher before enrolling at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama on their Postgraduate Diploma in Voice Studies.  She has worked for twenty years as a voice and accent coach, teaching in UK drama schools and in professional theatre, as well as in private practice.

Having experienced the benefits of Mindfulness herself following a period of illness, Beatrice resolved to learn to teach it, and is now approaching the end of a two-year Supervised Pathway in Mindfulness Based Approaches at the University of Exeter.  She is experienced in teaching Mindfulness to members of the public, as well as specifically to musicians, actors and artists, and she is looking forward to coming to teach at Nine Springs.  She believes that there is no-one who cannot benefit from what Mindfulness has to offer!

Beatrice lives with her husband and three teenagers in Dorchester.  She continues to teach voice and accent at the Arts University Bournemouth and the Dorset School of Acting, and is currently teaching Mindfulness for Creatives on the AUB short course programme.

ZABETH REID - Tai Chi & Qi Gong


Zabeth Reid

Zabeth is Bao's Lung Fei Tai Chi's head-coach and runs with Anne, Bev and Monica many tai chi classes across Dorset and Somerset.

Founder: Mrs Men X. Bao.

Club history: Li Tianji (Lung Fei), Professor Li Deyin, Naijian Bao.

Therapies offered:

Yang style tai chi chuan (Beijing), qigong (chi kung) & shibashi (18 movements) sessions, for health, vitality & relaxation. Classes cover all ages, levels & abilities.

Head-coach of Bao’s Lung Fei Tai Chi with post graduate teaching qualifications,and teaching qualifications in Reiki, Healing, Tai Chi, Qigong & Yoga.

Professional bodies:

TCUGB (Tai Chi Union of Great Britain)

Associate member of BHQA (British Health Qigong Association)

Length of time in practice:
20 years



Kate Hayden - Back Mobility

See Therapists

See Therapists

KATE JEANS - Pilates 



Kate trained with Suzanne Scott at The Scott Studio in Castle Cary, Somerset.

Professional bodies to whom you belong

Independent Pilates Teachers Association (IPTA)

CPD Courses attended

First Aid at Work Certificate

Healthy Hips with Liz Chandler

Vertical Pilates with Liz Chandler

Length of time in teaching

Kate is a newly qualified teacher and has been teaching for a few months

Other classes in this area

  • North Cheriton
  • Holton
  • Wincanton
  • Gillingham
  • 1:1's by arrangement

About Kate

Kate started practising Pilates in 2007 after suffering a back injury which left her in acute pain and with very limited mobility. Following back surgery in 2010, she dedicated herself to regular Pilates pracitce in order to rehabilitate. Pilates changed her life...after years of pain and restricted movement, she is now able to enjoy life, work, lift her daughter and live life to the full.

Her journey was so life changing that she decided to train to become a teacher herself and help others to achieve freer and healthier movement. This year-long training was of the highest standard, covering anatomy and physiology, contraindications and pathologies, and all areas of Joseph Pilates Original repertoire and Principles, as well as Evolved Pilates.

Kate can help you on your Pilates journey, whether you wish to improve posture, build strength, increase flexibility, rehabilitate, prevent injury or develop their mind-body connection to achieve better and more efficient movement.


07884 105336

Debbie Calleja-Atkins - Yoga

Debbie moved to Yeovil with her husband and daughters in September 2016 from London, in a bid to improve her work – life balance.  Since moving here, she enjoys exploring the amazing countryside,  gardening and extra long dog walks.

Debbie first practised yoga in 2004.  She immediately noticed the benefits on her mind and body and subsequently studied Beginners’ Yoga with the School of Natural Health Sciences in 2010.  This was the beginning of her yogic path and she decided to further her studies by becoming a Yoga Siromani Teacher of Yoga in 2010 complete with a CYQ Level 3 accreditation.  Debbie continued to develop her Yoga training, gaining qualifications to teach Om Ball Yoga and Sun Aqua Yoga.  Debbie has attended many workshops, and has a particular affinity towards Meditation, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Sports and Yoga for Rehabilitation.  Through her one to one work sessions with her clients, Debbie has been able to cater for a wide range of conditions, such as Arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, Back and Heart Conditions. 

Debbie is also qualified as a Relaxation Therapist and is currently studying Meridian Therapy and Kinesiology.

Therapies offered

Yoga classes, One to One Yoga sessions, Ball Yoga, Aqua Yoga, Chair Yoga, Relaxation Therapy

Diplomas held

Yoga Siromani Teacher of Yoga

Om Ball Yoga

Sun Aqua Yoga

SNHS Yoga for Beginners

Professional Relaxation Therapy

Professional bodies to whom she belongs

International College for Holistic Medicine

CYQ Level 3 Yoga Teacher/Central YMCA Qualification

Yoga Alliance


Sun Power Yoga