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Richard is constantly amazed at how easily the body will heal itself, given a chance. He trained initially in acupuncture with Jack Worsley in Leamington Spa in the 1980s, but well before that had an interest in Chinese thinking and natural forms right back to his philosophy degree (University of York 1971). He worked in primary education in the seventies.  (Richard's website)

He reads Chinese philosophy, enjoys (!) Gestalt Therapy, playing in a band and practicing Tai-chi in his spare time. This all came to a head when he met Gia-fu Feng a Chinese/American translator and part-time Taoist sage in 1974. 

He subsequently studied with Gia-fu at Stillpoint Foundation in Colorado, USA, beginning his I Ching studies in earnest.  Returning to the UK he began teaching Tai-chi and meditation, eventually settling in Somerset with his acupuncture qualification. He began working with Jane Robinson and Lesley Jenkins, in the first acupuncture clinic in Yeovil,  and they are still all together! 

He has also taught at Yeovil College, Dartington College of Arts and lectured at Bristol University (adult education).  At present he is leading the MA module on Classical Chinese Medical Texts at the College of Traditional Acupuncture, Hatton, Warwick. Previously he worked for ten years in Musgrove Park Hospital Taunton, in the NHS Pain Clinic promoting Traditional Acupuncture.

Richard is also a translator of The Golden Needle, (Churchill Livingstone 1991) and The Secret of Everlasting Life, (Element 1994), early alchemical and medical texts.  He also self-publishes – Taoist Yoga for Home Use, The Eighteen Therapies and The Book of Changes (The I Ching), translation of a Confucian classic and the earliest Shamanic teachings from China.

He has a strong commitment to integrated medicine and opening up communication with all medical professionals. He currently teaches Tai-chi for Seniors, aiming to allow each individual to learn at their own rate. He is also a bee-keeper and avid musician, enjoying walking and when not at work, wrestling with his young family of four boys.


Therapies offered

Acupuncture, Pain Clinic, I Ching Consultations, Tai-Chi Personal Lessons, Meditation Consultations



MBAcC, Dip Ac (China), BA, MF Phys, CertEd


Professional bodies

British Acupuncture Council


Length of time in practice

28 years


Previous practice

The Pain Clinic, Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton


Richard has written a number of books and if you use the links below you will be able to find out more information and purchase them through Amazon.

Richard's latest book on

EverydayQiI Gong Practice

Also by Richard:

-Yijing, Shamanic Oracle of China: A New Book of Change

- The Secret of Everlasting Life: The First Translation of the Ancient Chinese Text on Immortality

- The Golden Needle and Other Writings


Richard's Website