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Debbie moved to Yeovil with her husband and daughters in September 2016 from London, in a bid to improve her work – life balance.  Since moving here, she enjoys exploring the amazing countryside,  gardening and extra long dog walks.

Debbie first practised yoga in 2004.  She immediately noticed the benefits on her mind and body and subsequently studied Beginners’ Yoga with the School of Natural Health Sciences in 2010.  This was the beginning of her yogic path and she decided to further her studies by becoming a Yoga Siromani Teacher of Yoga in 2010 complete with a CYQ Level 3 accreditation.  Debbie continued to develop her Yoga training, gaining qualifications to teach Om Ball Yoga and Sun Aqua Yoga.  Debbie has attended many workshops, and has a particular affinity towards Meditation, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Sports and Yoga for Rehabilitation.  Through her one to one work sessions with her clients, Debbie has been able to cater for a wide range of conditions, such as Arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, Back and Heart Conditions. 

Debbie is also qualified as a Relaxation Therapist and is currently studying Meridian Therapy and Kinesiology.

Therapies offered

Yoga classes, One to One Yoga sessions, Ball Yoga, Aqua Yoga, Chair Yoga, Relaxation Therapy

Diplomas held

Yoga Siromani Teacher of Yoga

Om Ball Yoga

Sun Aqua Yoga

SNHS Yoga for Beginners

Professional Relaxation Therapy

Professional bodies to whom she belongs

International College for Holistic Medicine

CYQ Level 3 Yoga Teacher/Central YMCA Qualification

Yoga Alliance


Sun Power Yoga