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Tracy Burke

Brief explanation of the therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a light touch gentle therapy that works with the fluids, connective tissues and bones within the body.

All living things possess a life force or vitality which distinguishes them from non living things and life has natural cycles and rhythms (the seasons, day follows night, the tide comes in and goes out, inhalation follows exhalation of breath, the heart fills and empties). A Craniosacral therapist listens with their hands to the natural rhythms and patterns this life force expresses within the body. Areas of compression and “stuckness” are present within the system from the multitude of life events and traumas that the body encounters as life goes on. Some of the vitality within the system becomes bound up in holding these compressed patterns and may eventually lead to a huge variety of symptoms, illnesses, imbalances, loss of health and vitality. A Biodynamnic Craniosacral Therapist supports the clients system and thus enables the innate healing capacity of the body to come to the foreground to resolve these areas of compression and restriction at a very deep level in a natural way and pacing that suits the individual needs of the client. The system rebalances itself and vitality which was bound is freed to revitalise the system as a whole.

What will happen during a session

During a session the client will remain fully-clothed, the therapist may place hands on feet, head, spine, sacrum or joints with a very light touch (like following a cork floating on water without disturbing it) the client may experience a deep sense of calm, relief or a feeling of support and connectedness. The treatment process is gentle and supportive to the physical and emotional needs of the individual, it is non-invasive and never imposing.



Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is similar but different to Cranial Osteopathy or Biomechanical Craniosacral therapy as it is non manipulative. Working on the premise that the body or system already holds plenty of conditional forces thus does not introduce any more, but allows the system space and support so the innate healing capacity within the system will resolve and release conditional forces when provided with a safe, non-intrusive supportive field.


What can the therapy help

People may come for craniosacral therapy because they have acute physical problems or chronic problems, both physical and emotional or they may want ongoing support in their busy lives and help to meet life’s challenges. Many common behavioural, social and learning difficulties can respond well to it.

Who would benefit from this type of therapy

In the longer term Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy may provide improvement to physical and emotional symptoms, enabling a greater awareness of the clients’ own needs and strengths, in order to improve quality of life. It is suitable for anyone because it is so gentle from newborns with colic, feeding problems or generally unsettled, through to the elderly and frail.