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These are related articles that we believe may be of interest to our clients.

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by Daverick Leggett

  A round-up of recent research findings

Did you know that?

Omega 3:  The meat from cattle fed on chiefly fresh grass pasture diets has up to 2/3rds more Omega 3 fatty acids (the good one) than Omega 6 (the bad one).  Omega 3 has been shown to be vital for the prevention of heart attacks, depression and cancer.  The same applies to organic milk.  So, ask your butcher if the meat you are buying is from pasture fed animals, and pay the extra pennies for that organic milk and you will save yourself £ in Omega 3 supplements!  

Stroke:  That Acupuncture has been shown to have positive effects on cognitive functions after stroke - research was carried out on a total of 1421 patients.

Arthritis:  that acupuncture makes a significant difference to pain intensity, functional mobility and health-related quality of life in those with osteoarthritis.  

Chemotherapy:  that acupuncture & moxibustion was shown to improve immunity in patients with colon cancer undergoing chemotherapy.

COPD:  Chinese herbs have been found to be effective for the treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (emphysema).

Cancer:  Tai Chi has been found to reduce the risk factors for chronic disease in older cancer survivors, and also those with chronic conditions.

Immune function:  Mind-body therapies (tai chi, qi gong, yoga and meditation) have been found to reduce inflammation and increase anti-viral immunity.

Group support and mindfulness meditation with yoga were found to have a beneficial effect at cellular level in Breast Cancer survivors, in a study in Canada, published in Cancer.

Smoking:  Aromatherapy oils of Black Pepper and Angelica have been found to be effective in aiding nicotine withdrawal symptoms for those giving up smoking.

Depression: it has recently been discovered that there is a strong correlation between levels of chronic inflammation and depression.

Taking measures to reduce inflammation such as including plenty of fresh fruit and veg, pulses and seeds into your diet, with rosemary, garlic, ginger and turmeric, could have a steadily beneficial effect on your depression.  Combined with mindfulness meditation and exercise.

Thin Blood: In three independent studies, scientists from the Universities of Southampton and Cambridge have identified how a simple chemical called nitrate, found in leafy green vegetables, can help thin blood ensuring oxygen can be delivered to all corners of the body efficiently. Reducing the thickness of blood may also decrease instances of dangerous clots forming and reduce the risk of stroke and heart attacks.  They also found that nitrate can help the diseased heart to function more efficiently, help produce more of a compound that widens and opens blood vessels and help change bad white fat cells into good brown, fat-burning cells, which could combat obesity and reduce risk of type 2 diabetes.  So … eat those greens!

Have you tried?:

Roasting your greens.  Tossing broccoli, kale, cauliflower, sprout tops in olive oil and placing in a hot oven for just a few mins, produces really tasty greens.  Just sprinkle a little salt on and enjoy, you’ll never want to boil or steam them again!

We welcome any other interesting pieces of research that may be of interest to our readers.